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******** LEARNING TO SQUARE DANCE *********

Do I need any dance experience to learn?

Definitely not. If you can walk, you can square dance. This dance style requires no fancy footwork - just walking to the beat.

What should I wear?

Neat casual clothing and ... comfortable shoes. No stilletto heels please. (That includes you too girls!).

When can we learn?

Monday evenings - see the "Want To Learn" link on the home page for details of the next intake. We'd love to see you.

What does it cost?

We charge per night. It does change with time so check with us but you can budget around $7 - $8 per night.

What is it exactly - is it like Line Dancing?

This dance form is conducted with 4 couples forming the 4 sides of a square facing in. Dancers learn to execute "calls" or movements given by the caller. The caller will string all of these together to make a smooth flowing dance. You don't need to memorise a routine, just learm what the calls mean. So no, it's not line or bush dancing.

Isn't this a bit old fashioned?

Ah we do seem to have a dated image but trust me when I say NO! These days we use an eclectic mix of music - contemporary, jazz, rock'n'roll, show tunes, - even some classical music (with a beat for dancing). Dancers do pride themselves in dressing smartly but there are now less and less of the ginghams and western look. The only thing old fashioned is the socialising and friendships - and we like that!

Can I just come and watch?

Of course! Just say Hi to the people at the door and explain you are just going to watch. No charge! Feel free to talk to us with any questions. Stay for a cuppa if you like.

Do I need a partner?

We often get asked if you need a partner, and no you don't. However, the women often outnumber men in dancing so men, we'd also love to have you come along and join in a very friendly atmosphere and be popular! Joining us on Monday evenings is an easy step towards meeting new friends for everyone.

******** I'M ALREADY A SQUARE DANCER ********

What programs do you dance?

On Monday evenings at Findon, we dance the full Callerlab Mainstream program. On Wednesday evenings at Kilburn, we dance the full Callerlab Plus program. We also teach learners on Monday evenings before the start of the Mainstream session. For details of times & locations go to the Mainstream and Plus pages of this website.

How do I get there?

We're located in the suburbs of Adelaide. The maps are on the Mainstream and Plus pages. If you want to take public transport, details are on those pages. If you are not sure, please don't hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call. Details on the Contact Us page. There's a very good chance we can arrange for someone to give you a lift.

Do I need to bring anything?

If you're a visitor coming from afar, no. Just come on in. If you are a local square dancer, a basket supper is appreciated.

I didn't bring my square dance clothing!

That's OK! We too have travelled and appreciate that you may be travelling light or not expecting to dance. As long as you have neat casual clothing, you can join right on in. The only thing we ask is no stillettos.

Do you do Round Dancing?

No, we don't have a cuer but we can point you to Round Dance clubs if you want that information.