2018 Februaury 12th – St Valentine’s Charity & Request Night

February sees our annual St Valentine’s themed night. It is run as a Charity dance with all proceeds going to a nominated charity. Included in this is a sale of preloved square dance clothing and acessories. This is getting to be quite an event and soon we’ll need trucks to bring all the gear.
We also called for requests and dancers nominated songs they would like to dance to. More were requested than we could fit in but we gave it a pretty good try!
Here’s some videos (Thanks Diana W).
First a requested song in our learners’ bracket, then a hoedown (patter) in the same bracket.

2018 January 22nd – Aussie Night

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And so we again take pride in our great nation as we celebrate Australia Day with our annual Aussie Night.
A BBQ was cooked by the Largs Bay Rotary Club and we provided a selection of salads. A great turnout (as tends to be the way with food!).
Thanks ot all who helped set up all the Aussie decorations and those who dressed in Aussie colours.
A wonderful atmosphere!
(Thanks again to Diana W for the videos and photos)

2017 December 18th – Xmas Dinner & Dance

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And so we celebrate Xmas and wrap up another year of dancing at the Adelaide Outlaws Club. A wonderful crowd took part in the meal (cooked and served by Cheryl’s Kitchen) and the dancing. We had the three groups involved – our newest learners, intermediates and our Mainstream dancers. What a lovely atmosphere and we wish you all the best for the holiday season and look forward to seeing you again in 2018.
Here’s a video of one of the singing calls – The Drifters version of “White Christmas” – thanks to Maryka J for the video and you can find more from that night on her Youtube channel Maryka SJ.

2017 November 27th – New Learners group

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These shots and video were taken on the last night of our begineers’ intake in November 2017. We teach for about an hour then dance them with our club dancers. The video captures the atmosphere well.
We love our square dancing but there’s nothing like the sheer joy on the faces of new dancers who “made it” through their first bracket with the “professionals”.

2017 November 22nd – Plus Club Dinner

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Nearing the end of the year and also celebrating our President, Stephen’s, retirement from the workforce, we gathered at the Albion Hotel around the corner from our Plus Hall for dinner before the dance.
Always great to socialise (and eat!!) off the dancefloor now and again.

2017 October – November – New Mainstream graduates

Congratulations to the group who have completed the mainstream program in October 2017. Due to various absences due to holidays away and health, they have been presented their certificates over a period of several weeks as each returned to the club.
May you all enjoy the fruits of your labour and welcome to the wonderful world of Mainstream Dancing.

2017 October 30th – Hallowe’en Dance

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Our annual Hallowe’en theme was held this year on Oct 30th. Great support by our dancers – Mainstream, intermediate and even some brand new learners who just came in and would have got a bit of a surprise!
Thanks to all who helped decorate and brought some interesting supper!
Great outfits too everyone!

2017 September 23rd – 32nd Birthday

What a gas man! Our 32nd Birthday was celebrated with a Swinging 60s theme. Here are some great photos and a video of the night. Thanks to all who dressed the theme and, with the 60s music, made it a memorable night.

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2017 August 4th – Fathers’ Day Dance

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Our annual celebration of Fathers’ Day saw some nice new posters created by one of our members Diana Waters. Lovely cartoon “father & child” characters.
A lovely turn up and entertaining dancing. A huge supper with hot pies & sausage rolls to complement a great basket supper collection!
Here’s a video compilation taken on the night.Thanks Diana! (Appropriately the song is “My Old Man’s A Dustman”!)

2017 July 17th – French Night

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Thanks to Diana W for the photos.

We once again celebrate Bastille Day (July 14) with our French Night at the Monday Mainstream club. Great to see everyone dressed in French colours and berets and stage decorated to suit. Gustav Eiffel would be proud.
To top it off a supper that was “Magnifique” – croissants, tarts and much much more.
Thanks everyone for your support – the atmosphere was lovely. Merci beaucoup!