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2017 July 17th – French Night

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Thanks to Diana W for the photos.

We once again celebrate Bastille Day (July 14) with our French Night at the Monday Mainstream club. Great to see everyone dressed in French colours and berets and stage decorated to suit. Gustav Eiffel would be proud.
To top it off a supper that was “Magnifique” – croissants, tarts and much much more.
Thanks everyone for your support – the atmosphere was lovely. Merci beaucoup!

2015 July 13th – Une Affaire Francaise

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As a celebration of French National Day (Bastille Day) we put on our French themed night. As we did last year for the birthday, we decorated in French theme, everyone dressed in a French style, we enjoyed all sorts of croissants, cheesecakes and cheeses and such for supper and enjoyed French background music. There were even a couple of French Square Dance songs in there too. Thanks to everyone who joined in – particularly our learners group. Merci!