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2017 June 12th – Pancake Night

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Thanks to Diana Waters for the photos and video.

Our annual Pancake Night was well supported again and we managed to successfully integrate teaching of learners and intermediate dancers, Mainstream dancing and the flip’n’catch that is the joy of pancakes. The Pancake King crew – Scott and Kaye – doing a marvellous job and Scott has perfected the art of flipping these babies. Pity we all haven’t necessarily mastered the art of catching them!!

2017 March 20th – Three groups running on Monday nights!

Our 3 groups running Mon nights

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In an effort to allow more frequent intakes for new dancers, we’re running three streams Monday nights now. Intermediate (6 – 7 then 8 – 8:30pm), New learners (7 – 8:30pm) and Mainstream (8 – 10:15pm). Some overlaps to allow good mixing.
Here’s a photo of one of the mixes. What a sharp looking group!
Photo Credit – Bruce Forster – Dancing Days Magazine

2016 Dec 19th – Mainstream Club Xmas Break up

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The final Monday Mainstream night for 2016 was a lovely Xmas dance full of Christmas songs and more food than you could poke a reindeer at!
Merry Xmas and Happy New Year and we start back on Jan 9th.

2016 December 12th – Christmas Dinner Dance

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We begin our Xmas celebrations with our Christmas Dinner Dance. Great crowd and a wonderful atmosphere. Thanks to all who came along and joined in. Our learners joined is as well and looked great in their gear. Particular thanks to the helpers who decorated and assisted with the night. Also to Cheryl’s Kitchen staff who prepared and served up the roast – delicious!!

Break up nights next week – Mon 19th (Mainstream) & Wed 21st (Plus).

2016 March 28th – Easter and Graduation

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Congratulations to our latest group of dancers who have just completed the Mainstream program. Welcome to the wonderful world of club dancing.
It was a fun night also celebrating Easter with loads of Hot Cross Buns & chocolate eggs. Our Square Dance Society president Heather was also there to welcome the group.
Dance your hearts out everyone!

2016 March 14th – St Patrick’s Spud Night

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As we approach St Patrick’s Day we celebrate an Irish theme and serve spuds for tea. A lovely crowd joined us for pre-dance dinner and a fun night. Our learners are now only 2 weeks away from completion and also joined us for the dining extravaganza!
Thanks to the team of helpers who set up the hall decorations and dining arrangements.

2015 July 13th – Une Affaire Francaise

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As a celebration of French National Day (Bastille Day) we put on our French themed night. As we did last year for the birthday, we decorated in French theme, everyone dressed in a French style, we enjoyed all sorts of croissants, cheesecakes and cheeses and such for supper and enjoyed French background music. There were even a couple of French Square Dance songs in there too. Thanks to everyone who joined in – particularly our learners group. Merci!

2015 May – New Learners Group

Starting mid May, we have opened our doors for new learners to come in and try modern square dancing.
We welcome new intakes right up until the end of June so spread the word.
We’ve been running three weeks now and a nice group is forming. It’s a happy atmosphere and we’re learning the moves quite quickly.
Looking forward to welcoming any new starters – don’t miss out on this opportunity!
Any queries, contact us on 8353 1749 or

2013 November 25th – Graduation

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Congratulations to our new graduates! It’s been a lot of fum and a lot of learning to master this mainstream program but we made it. A nice crowd was there to help welcome our new grads and it was a really lovely atmosphere. Thanks to Heather Wheeler (Society president) and Jan Stephens (vice president) for the welcoming words and “packs” presented. We welcomed a couple of interstate visitors, Con and Alma, from Mackay in Qld too. Special thanks to Les Tulloch who came along on request to set up gear for us as Graham had injured his back. Also thanks to John Casey and Ian Rutter for the calls on the night too.
Welcome to our newest members of the club and may you enjoy many years of fun and friendship with us!