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2017 September 23rd – 32nd Birthday

What a gas man! Our 32nd Birthday was celebrated with a Swinging 60s theme. Here are some great photos and a video of the night. Thanks to all who dressed the theme and, with the 60s music, made it a memorable night.

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2016 September 24th – 31st Birthday

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Another year rolls by and we celebrated with a Movie and Musicals theme. Thanks to so many who came along and helped us celebrate. So many did dress for the occasion and the hall looked great – Oscars, movie slide show and posters, not to mention the three usherettes bringing popcorn, lollies and chips.
Big thanks to Peter (Scotty) Scott, Les Tulloch, Jeff Seidel, John Casey and Ian Rutter for joining us on the program and to Thelma McCue for cueing rounds.
Congratulations to our 10 year life membership recipients and Laurie – a 20 year Gold Membership award.
Here’s to many more years!

2015 September 26th – 30th Birthday

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A late entry! Here’s some photos of our 30th Birthday celebrations. A wonderful night with a pearl/marine theme. Thanks to all visiting callers, Thelma for Rounds and the many dancers who came to help us celebrate.

2014 – September 20th – 29th Birthday – Une Affaire Francaise

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Ah – c’est magnifique!
What a wonderful 29th Birthday celebration we had with our theme – Une Affaire Francais. Everyone dressed the part in some way and what a colourful collection of Berets. Strains of Edith Piaf and accordion music welcomed guests and we filled the hall with happy dancers. Thanks to Jeff Seidel, Les Tulloch, John Casey and Ian Rutter for joining in with the calling and to Thelma McCue for the themed Rounds.
Food – wow – plenty of croissants, crepes, French Onion Soup, eclairs, chocolat, cheeses etc to provide a welcome break in the night.
Big thanks too to all those who helped out making food, decorations and setting up, pulling down.
A memorable evening and we launch now into our 30th year. What a rush!

2013 September 21st – 28th Birthday

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We celebrated our 28th Birthday this year with a Spring Theme dance at the Slovenian Hall. It was a great night and we managed a mixed program to include our current learners (who have nearly finished Mainstream), Mainstream, Plus and some Rounds.
The stage looked blooming marvellous decorated up in flowers and pot plants. Thanks to the people who contributed to the collection.
A big thanks to visiting callers Les Tulloch, Jeff Seidel, Ian Rutter and John Casey and to Thelma McCue and Les for cueing some rounds.
The supper was an absolute smorgasbord and all in all the night was just a whole lot of fun.

2012 September 22nd – Our 27th Birthday “Cabaret” night

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It was a very special night as we celebrated the Club’s 27th Birthday. The theme was “Cabaret” and the hall looked oh so classy! Lights, props and costumes!! Great turnout and a lot of people took to the theme either in Cabaret style or red and black colour schemes. Combine that with good music and a supper fit to feed any Cabaret army and you have a wonderful night.

Matthew Mills from Bundaberg in Queensland was our feature caller. He did a really nice job and really entered into the theme with his music and style.

During the night we presented 10 year membership awards to Helen Hahn and Graeme Zilm and a 20 year (gold) membership to Pamela Thompson. Others receiving the awards who couldn’t make it were Brian Gill (10 years) and Sid and Pauline Dowden (20 years).

One highlight of the night was a moment on stage when young Emily Reid, daughter of Clare and James Reid (now in Qld) delivered a speech on behalf of Mum and Dad who couldn’t be there. Dressed in her cabaret outfit she had the crowd transfixed – beautiful!

Thanks also to Jeff Seidel & Les Tulloch for their calling and Les and Thelma McCue for the cueing – all added to a memorable evening.

Here’s a couple of videos of Matt in action on the night…
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2012 Februaury 20th – Valentines Charity Dance

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This year our voted charity was the Guide Dogs For the Blind. Our door takings, raffle and proceeds form the clothing sale all bundled up and will be presented to this charity in the next few weeks.

A great turn up for thsi event and lovely to see everyone dressed in the Valentines Reds. This clothing sale seems to be growing and if it keeps up we’ll have to open a shop!

Thanks to all who supported this evening and we hope you enjoyed dancing to love songs and gorging on one of our largest suppers yet. All boosted by two hefty cakes supplied by our Birthday Boys Bill and David. Big thanks to Sheila and Nigel Shaw for looking after the clothing sale during the evening – great job!

2011 September 24th – 26th Birthday

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Here’s a quick video snippet:

We celebrated our 26th Birthday with a Black and White Ball and what a night it was! Nearly everyone frocked up – men with dinner suits that seemed to be working a little hard to close up and girls with their best evening gowns. Great to have visitors from the Acey Squares in Naracoorte and Ray Sedgeman from Victoria and big thanks to Les Tulloch, Milton Mackenzie and Jeff Seidel for joing in on the program. Also a thanks to Thelma McCue and Les for the Rounds. The supper was nothing short of sensational and I nearly got killed in the crush!

The stage looked dazzling with our silhouettes and dancing lights and a big thanks to the crew who helped us set up and pack away.

2010 October 18 – More life memberships awarded

10 year - Les Whyte, Elaine Bungey, Bill Carson and 20 year (gold) - David Robb

Not all new life members were able to make it to the 25th Birthday so we’re catching up with them as they come to the club.

On Oct 18th we presented 10 year (life) membership to Les Whyte, Elaine Bungey and Bill Carson. Also a 20 year (gold) membership to David Robb.  Congratulations to you all!! We appreciate you aupport over the years.

2010 September 25 – Adelaide Outlaws 25th Birthday

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We were thrilled to have a great crowd join us for our Silver anniversary dance. Thanks to you all for coming and thanks to our helpers who set up the hall and ran the catering.

We were presented with the Square Dance Society plaque to commemorate 25 years (thanks Don and Jan). Eddie Lee, our president, made a very nice presentation to Graham in the form of a hand made Silver Microphone Award. This echoes the formal badge award from the Australian Callers Federation and the Quarter Century Club Award from Callerlab in the USA. (Special thanks to Aubrey Barrot for the carving and handywork in making this). Graham finsished off this sectionwith a tribute to Dawn – the heart and soul of our club.

Great to have fellow callers Les Tulloch, Jeff Seidel and Trevor Hunt on the program and also Thelma McCue for the Rounds. Also nice to see Ray and Maya from Victoria.

Here’s to many more years!!