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2017 June 12th – Pancake Night

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Thanks to Diana Waters for the photos and video.

Our annual Pancake Night was well supported again and we managed to successfully integrate teaching of learners and intermediate dancers, Mainstream dancing and the flip’n’catch that is the joy of pancakes. The Pancake King crew – Scott and Kaye – doing a marvellous job and Scott has perfected the art of flipping these babies. Pity we all haven’t necessarily mastered the art of catching them!!

2014 – August 11th Pancake Night and Shoe sales

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Put on the food and they shall come! Combine that with a shopping experience and you’ve got it made!
Out annual pancake night was a great success with all you can eat pancakes being cooked right there in the hall. Non stop up until supper time and they kept coming back for more. Again we thank Kay and Scott from the Pancake King for doing an excellent job.
We also had the pleasure of hosting Yvonne from Durrant Shoes who set up het “pop up” stall at the back of the hall. By the looks of things, some satisfied customers were pleased with their new purchases.

2013 August 12th – Pancake Night

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Our annual indulgence once again attracted a good crowd. Learners and Mainstream dancers all joined in as we served Pancakes cooked there in the hall. The Pancake King again doing a superb job of cooking and serving up the delicacies.

2012 August 6th – Pancake Night

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As August comes around we once again indulge the inner desires of our gastonomic needs and put on our annual Pancake night.

The “Pancake King” was again summoned to  perform his unique craft and entertain the masses. With the smell of cooking crepes and shrieks of success as our dancers successfully caught the tossed delights hot off the  hotplate, it was a fun atmosphere. Take a look at the video to see it all in action.

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2011 August 15th – Pancake Night

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On a cold winter’s night what better way to keep warm than with hot pancakes and some fun dancing! Again this year we enlisted the services of “The Pancake King” and Scott and Kaye set up shop in the hall and cooked non-stop until around 9:30pm.  Gratefully hungry dancers enjoyed a selection of savoury and sweet pancakes dished out with pizazz by the King.

Plenty of seating at the Round tables for all and some lively dancing topped it off. During the evening we took the chance to award Bill and Maureen their 10 year membership stars as they had missed our Birthday.

With a feast of Pancakes and Gerry’s flamboyant birthday cake – we just had to keep dancing. Hope you all enjoyed it!

Check out the Pancake King in action: